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first wintery mountain climbing

by Hamid Reza Fahimi Madjd @ Dec 22, 2007

1. My wife and I went to first wintery mountain climbing on Friday. The weather was cold (around -6 C) but it's sunny. At first we had some problems with our crampons but i found their temper ;)

Everything was ok but when we was returning my knee got pain. One or two month ago I went to doctor and he said "it's not important , but you should strengthen your knee" !

Anyhow that was fantastic for us. You can see some pictures about that below.


2. Today my intellij IDEA made me crazy, when I compiled and ran my j2ee App, appeared situation as coma after one or two click on links! I couldn't understand what's wrong. God, help me :(

3. I found a page that lists all irregular verbs in English language, enjoy it.

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